SPF Tool - The Most Advanced, User-Friendly Tool Available

The most advanced state-of-the-art method integrated into a virtual user-friendly interface

Advanced Network Screening

Advanced SPF-based network screening with the click of a mouse. User-friendly interface permits efficient identification and ranking locations with the highest potential for improvement and locations that exhibit abnormal crash patterns.



Diagnostic & Improvement

Identify the nature and the cause of crashes using a multi-level diagnostic tool which is driven to discover and deliver the best available safety improvements to address the Human, Roadway, and Environmental Factors involved in vehicle crashes.


Economic Analysis

Deploy SPF to support transportation planning activities. Estimate benefits of proposed safety improvements, compare projects, and evaluate safety alternatives in monetary values.  Apply SPF-based approach to perform Benefits/Cost Analysis.



Effectivness Evaluation

Powered by SPF Before and After analysis. Evaluate efficiency of deployed safety improvements at individual locations or at the project level. Develop jurisdiction-specific Crash Modification Factors that reflect the driving population in your jurisdiction.




User-Friendly Interface

SPF Tool has been designed with the user in mind

Intuitive User-Friendly Interface

The most advanced state-of-the-art methods integrated into a virtual user-friendly interface. Powerful, aesthetic and minimalist design allows all users to manage transportation safety projects efficiently. Fully customized 2D and 3D graphs, maps, tables, and reports, permits time-saving and intuitive step-by-step analysis. Built-in data visualization tool enables users to reach decisions more efficiently by presenting crash patterns and trends in a more user-friendly way than a conventional form of analysis. Flexible design allows the user to control the structure of the data depend up on project type. Easy to control access for other users allows other members to access the system in real-time




Secure Web-Based Platform

Get instant and secure access from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Web-Based Platform

SPF Tool is a web-based tool that allows instant access to your project at any time. Use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to gain access to your projects, perform analyses in seconds, manage users, review reports, and more. No need to install any software or application. SPF Tool allows inherent support for cross-platform devices. SPF Tool is a cloud computing web application that provides ultra-fast computation and presents the results in a user-friendly interface within seconds.


Access & Data Security

Flexible access management is an integrated part of the SPF Tool. An integrated incorporated access wizard allows the master user to assign other users (e.g., consultant, sub consultant) to selected projects. You only need to share data necessary to accomplish specific tasks/projects. The SPF Tool protects your data from unauthorized people, destructive forces, infection, or corruption of information. Our data are encrypted and protected from the unwanted actions of unauthorized users




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